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When our kinds were young we were introduced to a book on Character, “Achieving True Success - How to build Character as a Family.”   As a family, we focused on a character trait each month, such as diligence, honor, joy or responsibility. We would start by talking about what the character trait meant. I really

I Want To Be Fearless

Kent, my spectacular husband, is not only a fabulous singer, he also writes music. He put a few of the songs he’s written on a CD earlier this year. And this proud wife loves every one of them (especially the ones he’s written about me). But there’s one song that been rolling around in my

My First Fall in Texas

I’m a lover of all things fall - always have been. I grew up in Woxall, PA (not sure if it’s even on google maps), close to Philadelphia. Fall was so beautiful on the East Coast. Fall has shown off in all the places I’ve lived so far. We moved to Texas in July. There

3 Things That Helped Me With Friendships

There are three types of friends. We have all three types in our lives AND we are all three to other people. I learned this from a woman that I love and trust! It was a January morning. I was sitting in the living room of Jeanne Mayo, Youth Leaders Coach, ready to soak in