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Are You Grateful?

My office is on the school side of our church. It’s right off from the Kindergarten hall.  Yes, I have to walk what-seems-like a mile to the copier or to chat with the creative team about an idea I have but the flip side is, I get to see and hear all the sweet Kindergartners

Have You Had One of Those Weeks?

This past week hasn’t been easy, pain-free or funny for a lot of people. Personally, my heart is heavy for the following: My mom’s family is grieving the loss of my precious Aunt Evelyn, who passed away early last Sunday morning. A dear friend is grieving the loss of her sister and her dad.  My sweet

5 Things to Ponder When Dealing With Emotions and Relationships

It happened earlier last week. I woke up happy, ready for the day and within minutes my happy was totally interrupted with someone else’s not so happy. My raw emotions were just that….RAW!!!! I played the scenario over and over in my head. What was the best thing for me to do? I thought to

Are You Still Wearing Your Mask?

Tis the season for masks. I saw tons last weekend at our Rock the Pumpkin Event and at trick-or-treat. I love watching the kids -they're all dressed up, excitement in their eyes, playing the part and ready to show off their costume. For weeks they thought about who they were going to be. They chose