This past week hasn’t been easy, pain-free or funny for a lot of people. Personally, my heart is heavy for the following:

  • My mom’s family is grieving the loss of my precious Aunt Evelyn, who passed away early last Sunday morning.
  • A dear friend is grieving the loss of her sister and her dad.
  •  My sweet neighbor’s mom was diagnosed with cancer.
  •  Our beloved friend, Matt, has been in and out of the hospital suffering with dangerous infections that are wreaking havoc on his already frail body.
  •  One of my cherished friends battles Multiple Sclerosis every day of her life.
  • The attack in Paris on November 13th left many people devastated.

I wish we could wiggle our nose and make the pain and grief go away. But life doesn’t happen that way. Life is tough and it will fall apart from time to time. Death, disease, and sickness puts a lot of things in perspective. It reminds us that life is short, really short. It helps us sort out what’s important and what’s not so important.

It’s not essential that we have the answers. What is essential is that we seek and sense God’s presence during the difficult times. The Bible tells us God is “nearest to the broken hearted”.

Comedian Chonda Pierce made a movie (documentary) that aired for a one day showing on October 27th. It received amazing reviews so they are showing it again in select theatres this Tuesday, November 17th. Check out where “Laughing in the Dark” is playing near you this Tuesday, November, 17th and go see it.

maxresdefault (2)I’ve known of Chonda for a lot years. I’ve laughed myself sick listening to her speak. Back in the 1990’s, MidSouth (the band my husband Kent was with) and Chonda had the same manager. So, I feel like I know her even though I’ve never met her. I think a lot of people probably feel that way. She’s that kind of person.

She’s America’s number one female comedian. That’s pretty amazing, especially when you hear her story. She definitely hasn’t had an easy, pain-free, funny life.  In fact, she has experienced a lot of pain…..but she leans on God.

As Chonda says, “God is in control and He will walk you through everything this world throws at you.”

We can find a way to laugh, even in the dark…together with His help!

Let’s all carve out some time this week to pray…..pray for those in your life who are going through very tough times. Pray for Paris. Pray for our world.

Pray, Pray, Pray!!!