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10 Quotes Worth Living

I absolutely LOVE quotes. I have a folder on my computer full of "Good Quotes".  I have a "Quotes" board on Pinterest too. So to pick just 10 was tough. Quotes are so inspiring, so motivating and so challenging. To think that some quotes were penned hundreds and hundreds of years ago and are still

What You Do Today Echoes For Generations

I’ve been pondering a lot lately. Pondering a thought that is close to my heart: what you do today echoes for generations. I’ve taught on it. I’ve blogged about it. I believe it. BUT, what does that mean on a day to day basis?  How do we live so EXTRAORDINARY that it echoes for generations?


I’m a firm believer that God has placed each and everyone of us exactly where we are on purpose and for a purpose!! I have learned that satan will do anything and everything he can to thwart what God has planned. He knows the power of unity!He’ll cause such distractions in our hearts and lives…..he’s