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Overcoming the “Awe” to “Blah”

You may have never thought about it, but I'm sure you have felt it:  the low that comes after an exciting event. Recall a few months ago with the hustle and bustle of Christmas….and then the day after Christmas.  Or think of the months leading up to a wedding and then the day after the wedding, you

How Can I Make the Most of Every Opportunity?

Can I be vulnerable with you today? I feel in my heart that I need to be but I struggle sharing it with you. I know I’m putting myself out there and I understand I’m setting myself up for criticism and judgment.  But I’m willing to do that because I know there are also people who will identify, people who are

The Difference between a Due Date and an Appointed Time

Due dates are the best guesstimate a doctor can give us. But God has an appointed time to each of us.  Harrison Dawes Humphrey’s appointed time was 10:39am January 8, 2016. Our daughter-in-law Jenny labored ALL week - it was a very long and difficult week for her and for our son, Jordan. The doctors