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2 Things to Remember This Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!!! I decided to do a quick video blog this week since it was Memorial Day and I've been doing some remembering..... check it out here Take sometime to remember, reflect and relax!! Happy Memorial Day!!!       Hugs, Marie

Fully Rely on God

The Bible gives us examples of people who fully relied on God - people like Joseph, Naomi, Daniel, Moses, and Mary. But the Bible is also filled with people who didn’t fully rely on God:  Judas, Ananias and Sapphira, the rich young ruler, and the one thief on the cross who rejected Jesus. Let’s focus in

4 Things We Need To Do For The Next Generation

It started the beginning of May....I spent the weekend speaking at Family Worship Center’s Women’s Retreat in Valley Forge, PA It's a place steeped in American history- many generations have come and gone since the days of George Washington in Valley Forge. Family Worship Center is my Dad’s church. He started it January 1984. I worked

Why You Should Read Unashamed

UNASHAMED is officially being released TODAY! Christine Caine has done a fantastic job writing this book out of her own pain and shame. She is real and passionate. She speaks candidly and shares stories she’s never shared about her life-long struggle with shame. I’ve been excited for the release of this book because I see so