Monthly Archives: August 2016


Feed Them and They Will Come

We arrived at my parent’s mountain house early in the evening. A doe and her two fawns were there to greet us. My dad, being the nature lover that he is, headed straight to the pail of corn as we unpacked groceries and began to set up house for the week. In just a few

We All Need a Lifeguard

I'm a firm believer in taking time to celebrate the gifts and abilities of each other. So I'm excited this week to share a devotional from my dear friend Patty Totten. Patty is the real deal. I love her heart for God, her family and women. For several years Patty has been faithfully leading a walk class, incorporating

Behind the Scenes

There’s been a buzz in the air for months now.  Jackson Heights (the band in which my husband is a part) is a few weeks away from kicking off this years’ tour. I’m so proud of my husband, our son who has joined the group, and the rest of the band. They are a great example

Navigating through Transition

A transition is, “the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another”. We all go through seasons of transition – graduation, marriage, births, deaths, relocations, job changes, etc.  Throughout life we will experience many transitions. The question is: how do we navigate through the transitions? If we are not careful,