Monthly Archives: September 2016


What The World Needs Now is Love, Sweet Love

My husband Kent has been on tour the past weekwith Jackson Heights. I was able to catch a few of the shows live and thanks to social media I have been able to watch some of the other shows from afar. I must say, my favorite Facebook Live moment was watching him sing the song

A Few Things I Am Learning

My family and I are in a season of transition.  We’ve taken some time to step back and rest before the next step.  Here’s a few things I’m learning in this restful season of life: It’s TOUGH to R E S T:  It’s tough to find rest and enjoy rest in this busy, over-achieving, noisy

Feed Them and They Will Come (Part 2)

When our kids were little I enticed the neighborhood kids to play in our yard - that way I could keep an eye on what was going on.  All I had to do was put out a bowl of Dorito’s and some sweet tea and the neighborhood kids would come. That memory passed through my mind as