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Why I Want to End 2016 Well

I grew up in a musical home – I married a singer/songwriter so music is often a go to for me when I need comfort, when I need to relax or when I want to set the tone. Music is everything!! One thing I learned from my husband is the importance of ending a song

Extraordinary Strategist

Hello all!!  I am so excited to share with you a blog from my dear, Vanessa McGee!!! I knew the first time she shared it with me that I wanted to share it with you. SO GOOD, SO TIMELY!!! Hugs, Marie Extraordinary Strategist Feeling a bit overwhelmed?  Too much to do and not enough time to

For What Are You Preparing?

There’s nothing quite as special as reading a passage of scripture and hearing God speak to your heart. “Better is one day in your courts than thousands elsewhere.” Some days, especially frosty winter mornings, I love to sit in His presence all day, reading the Bible and then combing through the internet for inspiration that

One of the Most Difficult Lessons I Have Had to Learn

Thank you for letting me inundate your newsfeed with announcements about my book release. This book was birthed out of an act of obedience. It’s been quite a journey; I’ve laughed and I’ve cried through the writes and rewrites of it all. It all started years ago when Kent watered the seed that God had