I can’t remember when, but I do remember where and who. I was listening to a podcast, Coffee with Chris, while I was getting ready one morning.

Multi-tasking isn’t always bad – listening to podcasts or messages while you’re getting ready, working out or making dinner is a good way to multi-task. I keep a notebook and pen by my IPad in my bathroom (and on occasion, have been known to breathlessly take notes on my phone while briskly walking around the neighborhood). I’ve learned some great truths via podcasts.

Rebekah Lyons was one of those awesome people in one of the podcasts. Christine Caine was interviewing her. Her heart and her story resonated with me. Rebekah and her husband have a son with Down Syndrome. My cousin, Marybeth, was born with Down Syndrome. Marybeth brought so much joy to our family. Her love and childlike faith increased my faith for sure. The highlight of her year was going to kids’ camp, hanging with her cousins, singing to the top of her lungs, hugging everyone she passed and praying for people at the altar.

I connected quickly with Rebekah’s story about her son, Cade. Then she began to talk about her life, her willingness to move wherever God called them to move, her desire to see the church of Jesus Christ be who they need to be in our culture, the fear she faced in one of her moves, her purpose, panic attacks, the need to please people. She shared from her new book (at that time), Freefall to Fly. It was an instant connection: I felt like she had been reading my journal.

Fast forward a couple years – I saw a post that she was putting together a book launch team for her latest book coming out in February. I had been involved in two book launches recently and wasn’t sure if I should take on another one but when I read the title of her new book I was in!!

You Are Free did not disappoint. In fact, it resonated with me on a deeper level than I thought it would. I absolutely LOVE the fact that Rebekah was brave enough to write about her fear, her pain, the legalism she grew up under, her anxiety and the freedom that comes only through Jesus.

Don’t wait another minute – jump ONLINE and order your copy today!  You can also watch the VIDEO.

YOU ARE FREE – BE WHO YOU ALREADY ARE by Rebekah Lyons – “Freedom is for everyone who wants it – the lost, the wounded, and those weary from all the striving. It’s for those of us who gave up trying

years ago. It’s for the professional Christians hiding their secrets. It’s for the angry and hurt, for those both brilliant and burnt by the Christians song and dance. I write for you, for all of you. You are the church, the people of God. You were meant to be free.”


In chapter one, Rebekah talks about how

Religion reigned

Responsibility reigned

Achievement reigned

Popularity reigned

Approval reigned

in her life

“I believed my value was only as good as my latest accomplishment.”

We weren’t made to keep up.

We were made to be FREE.

To be who we already are.

If I was a betting woman, I’d say she’s been reading your journals too. My prayer is that as you read her book you will experience a new level of freedom and as you walk it out, you will be brave enough to share it with someone else and help them walk their journey in freedom!!!



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