The Friday I Couldn’t Say, “TGIF”

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It was a Friday. April 14th. The world was celebrating “Good Friday”. For me it really wasn’t “good”!

My family has always celebrated Good Friday. Good Friday was usually spent in church, remembering the death of our Lord and Savior and thanking Him for the resurrection. This year was a little different. We spent time in church but it wasn’t the Good Friday service as usual.

Kent’s Aunt Alene passed away earlier in the week so on this Good Friday the Humphrey family was in church remembering and celebrating her life. Alene was a strong woman. She and her husband, Hubert, were married for 70 years and had such a sweet marriage. Alene was a successful business woman when it wasn’t popular to be a business woman. She paved the way for many.

The very same day Eric Jarman, a young man I had the privilege of having in my youth group back in the 1980’s, passed away. Eric was the kind of student you never forgot. He was kind, caring and very aware of the needs of others – the  type of kid every parent would love to have. He had grown to be a wonderful husband and father. Eric left a unforgettable mark on this world.

Shortly after I heard about Eric, I heard about George Broadway, from the same town and church in Kinston, North Carolina that Eric attended. Back in the 1980’s George helped me drive the students to youth events. He and wife, Martha, opened their home for the youth to make the food for our very first spaghetti dinner. They lived just a couple houses down from the church and we had runners that would transport the food, by foot, to the church. Such good memories. Such a great man!

I haven’t been able to get these people off my mind. Funerals, gravesides, caskets, tombstones….death can (and should) totally make a person think!

There was a song racing through my mind. I grabbed my phone and googled it (isn’t that a wonderful thing? I didn’t have to search through boxes of cassette tapes or CD’s).  I found it HERE on Youtube.

These are the words that were going through my mind:

                                            “These are they who have come out of great tribulation

                                            They have washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb

                                            They have come through much sorrow into great jubilation

                                             They’re redeemed by the BLOOD of the Lamb”

No matter how young or how old a person is it always seems that their life was too short. Doesn’t the Bible tell us this?

“You do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away” (James 4:14).

A few questions keep rolling around in my mind:

My time here on earth…What will people say about me?  What kind of void will my absence bring? What impact will my life leave for the next generation?

My entrance in Heaven… What will Jesus say when He welcomes me home? What kind of account will my life on earth bring to Heaven?

God, what changes do I need to make TODAY in light of eternity?

Redeem the time” (Ephesians 5:16 ).   Life is short. Live today for eternity!



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