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This past weekend was great. I had the privilege of spending Mother’s Day with my mom. Since we live in different states, it’s not often that I get to see her…especially on Mother’s Day. This year was extra special because Mother’s Day fell on my mom’s birthday.

We did what a lot of families did: we celebrated Mom! We went to church together then met at my sister’s for a delicious meal. Afterwards we gave my mom gifts, cards (the woman LOVES cards) and promised to power- wash her house (something every family gives their mom on Mother’s Day, right?) 😜

I have always known how blessed I am to have such an amazing mom, I try really hard not to take it for granted.

I have learned a lot from my mom: how to cook yummy things like meatballs and spaghetti sauce (“gravy” for my Italian peeps) and delicious strawberry rhubarb pie. She taught me the importance of clean, fresh sheets, a clean house and even a clean front porch. She still uses bleach water to clean (and I mean CLEAN) her porch. She taught me how to hold my tongue and extend grace. She taught me to be faithful to God’s house and serve where there’s a need: how it’s not about us but about God and others. The old Sunday school song, Jesus and others and you – what a wonderful way to spell, JOY, rings in my head to this day.  She taught me to laugh at my self – because she learned to laugh at herself.

But MOST OF ALL, my mom, Beverly May Collins Damiani TAUGHT ME TO PRAY!!

She is a prayer warrior! So much so that my Dad – the only one who sees her day in and day out, through good times and bad – said, “I admire her prayer life.”

She hits the ground praying. She walks through her day, praying. She pillows her head at night, still praying. She lives the song she use to sing to us kids over and over again:

                                            God answers prayers in the morning,

                                            God answers prayers at noon,

                                            God answers prayers in the evening

                                            so keep your heart in tune.

She laments until the answer comes.  Her prayers are affecting the next generation and many generations to come.

When I was at her house this past weekend, I was thinking about how she has taught me to pray. I got up early in the morning to write and as I came out of the room I saw my mom was already up.  She said she couldn’t sleep so she spent some time praying for people who were heavy on her heart. I wasn’t surprised, she does this often. What a beautiful example she is to me and so many.

So today I encourage you to follow my mom’s lead – to “KEEP YOUR HEART IN TUNE”!!!

Can’t sleep? PRAY!

Are you burdened? PRAY! Are you sad? PRAY!

Are you happy? PRAY!

Are you grieving? PRAY!

Are you lonely? PRAY

Are you sick? PRAY!

Are you discouraged? PRAY!

Maybe today you need someone to pray for you. Leave a comment below and I’ll pray and also pass it on to my Mom to pray also. After all, that’s what the body of Christ is all about: praying for one another.

To my Mom, THANK YOU for so many things but most of all thank you for YOUR PRAYER LIFE! Thank you for the example your prayer life is to me and to so many!  I love you more than words! Marie (the great)

To my blog reading family, I love you! I’m so thankful that you take the time to read my blogs, to pray, love and support me! You’ll never know how much that means!

I pray you will hit your knees like never before!! That your family, friends, neighbors, your world will be turned upside down because you’ve chosen not to let your prayer life slack but, clothe yourself with the Armor of God, pull your boot straps up and pray like NEVER before! It will not only change you and your circumstances but it will change your world!

Hugs and Prayers, ,



  1. Chris May 17, 2017 at 11:32 am - Reply

    Thank yoy, Marie, for your words of encouragement to keep praying! Your mom’s sweet, soft-spoken personality has always been noticed by me and influenced me in my adult life. Happy Birthday to her and thank you to you for your words of hope and encouragement and love to us. ❤️

  2. Marie Humphrey May 17, 2017 at 4:15 pm - Reply

    Thank you Chris, I will make sure my mom sees this!! You’re an inspiration and a blessing! Hugs!

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