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Tonight we’ll be saying goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018!!

It’s the time of the year we take time to reflect, remember, reminisce, and all to often we end up focusing on our regrets.

I think self-reflection is an important exercise for all of us. Looking back at what the year held and prayerfully looking forward to what the next year might bring. If we rush through life with no thought of yesterday and no plan for tomorrow, we miss out on so much!!

The last several years I’ve gotten a 365 page journal – I love it because it holds thoughts, prayers and dreams from each day of the year – all in one journal.

I love getting a new journal for the new year – blank pages – a clean slate.

To start fresh with a clean slate it pays to first look back.  I’m a big advocate of reflection – learning from yesterday and planning for tomorrow.

A friend sent me an article from Women@Forbes Reflect on 2017 By Asking These 20 Questions

Another friend talked about a blog with 10 questions reflecting on 2017 from The Well Studio

I picked a few to work through:

     1.  Accomplishments – This was a year of dreams coming true. For years, I knew the importance of gathering a group of women to help inspire me – hold me accountable – help make the dream in my heart a reality. In 2017, I overcame the fear (question #6) of rejection and asked a group of women to be apart of a team I called Gatekeepers. Much to my amazement, the women said YES!! I gathered the team together and we started planning our very first conference, which was another HUGE accomplishment and a RISK (questions #3).

Check out Influence Conference Recap video here

Gatekeepers team celebrating our first Influence Conference


     2.   Risks I took – This was a year of risks for sure and WOW!! It pays to take risks!!

     3.  Opportunities I had to serve – For those of you that know me – you know that this is the first       year in 30+ years that I have not been on staff at a local church. It’s been very different, down right weird, walking into a church and being greeted instead of being the one doing the greeting. And then to go home after the service is over and not have to stay until the last good bye has been said and the trailers have been loaded. January 2017, I stepped out and joined the Operations Team at our church. I had the opportunity to serve at one of the baptisms – which was a wonderful experience. I watched a few of the kids workers share in an unforgettable moment in a child’s life, It was beautiful!! There is power in serving in the local church.


4.  Ways God provided – This would fill a book. God has provided for us in so many ways.

5.  Best moments – As I reflect on 2017 – there were so many beautiful moments – gathering ladies from all over to a retreat – Influence Conference – meeting new friends – but I have to say the BEST moments were the ones spent rocking our new grandson Beau to sleep and playing with our grandson Harrison.

Kent & I meeting Beau Humphrey for the first time.



Enjoying every moment with Harrison & Beau

 6.  Distractions – Social Media has been a distraction for me. Along with the “not good enoughs” that I fight in my mind. I WILL work on this in 2018

 7.  Things I am thankful for – I’m thankful for so many things. If I start, the blog would become a book. But I must say, I am thankful for YOU!!

Happy New Year from Donna & PapPaw Humphrey!!!

Before you jump into setting goals and planning wonderful things for 2018 take a few minutes and reflect on what has been done. Praise God for the victories and thank Him for His purpose and plan.

Look out 2018….HERE WE COME!!!

Hugs my dear friends,



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