Marie is characterized by her love….

Love for Jesus: Marie became a Christ-follower as a child and continued to develop a deeper love for Christ. Marie was raised by Christian parents who were active in church, traveling the country singing gospel music and later starting a church which is still vibrant and growing. Marie is thankful for her rich, spiritual foundation and is passionate about her relationship with Jesus. A lifetime friend commented, “In the more than 25 years that I have known Marie, she has remained fiercely and faithfully committed to the Lord and His Word.”

Love for the church: Marie believes the local church is vital. Her love for the church is a life-long love. Throughout her years, Marie has served in various areas of the church including: (1) singing at churches throughout the nation; (2) teaching and leading youth; (3) leading women’s ministry; (4) directing Family Ministries including preschool, children and youth; (5) working on staff to establish a new church; and (6) matching staff and volunteers to their gifted areas. Currently, Marie works for her local church while continuing her speaking ministry — and considers it a privilege to be able to do both.

Love for people: Marie has a heart, not only for Jesus and His church, but also people. She genuinely cares for people — young and old and everyone in between. Nothing excites her more than sharing her heart – love for Jesus — with people and seeing people grasp the love of Jesus. Her love for people is influential. As one person said, “Marie’s positive and uplifting personality is the real deal and you simply can’t spend time with her without a smile on your face and feeling better about….well everything!”