4 Great Summer Reads From 4 Great Friends

Kent, Emily & I are headed to the beach this weekend...sweet vacation! As vacation was getting closer, I started to think about books I wanted to take to read while relaxing on the beach. Many of you may be thinking about what you are going to read this summer. So, I reached out to a few

What You Need to Know

Last week was a really neat week for me. I was able to see some fruit from last Monday’s blog - in my life personally and in hearing from you all (or “ya’ll” as they say in Texas). Thanks so much for the comments, emails and texts! I love connecting with people from different states

Things Happen

A charming man recently passed away. I heard his son deliver a message in honor of his father, titled “10 Things My Dad Taught Me”. As he began to share the things his dad taught him, my mind began to wander to the things my dad has taught me. I flipped the page over in