Thank you for considering Marie Humphrey for your event. Marie takes each speaking opportunity seriously: nothing excites her more than sharing her heart – love for Jesus — with people and seeing how the love of Jesus sparks change in lives.

A Little About Marie:

Marie Humphrey is characterized by her love….

Love for Jesus: Marie became a Christ-follower as a child and has been steadfast in her faith for more than 40 years. A lifetime friend commented, “In the more than 25 years that I have known Marie, she has remained fiercely and faithfully committed to the Lord and His Word.”

Love for the church: Marie believes the local church is vital. Throughout her years, Marie has served in various areas of the church including: (1) teaching and leading youth; (2) leading women’s ministry; (3) directing Family Ministries including preschool, children and youth; (4) assisting in church planting in three states; and (5) matching staff and volunteers to their gifted areas.

Love for people: Marie genuinely cares for people — young and old and everyone in between. Her love for people is influential. As one person said, “Marie’s positive and uplifting personality is the real deal and you simply can’t spend time with her without a smile on your face and feeling better about….well everything!”

What You Can Expect:

Marie and her team will be flexible to work around the needs of your group to customize an event that is successful. They will help promote the event and invite attendees (if outside attendees are desired). Marie will customize her message based upon what she feels God wants her to cover and what the needs are of your group. Since Marie loves to connect with people, she will gladly be available for meet and greet and one-on-one prayer with the attendees.

Most Requested Topics:

Marie tailors the message topics to each group. She derives her topic from two factors: (1) the things you say are on the hearts of your group at this time; and (2) what she gleans from God as she prays about the event. In most messages, she interweaves some aspects of the life lessons she has learned (as described in her book, Life Lessons: the Life You Live Is the Lesson You Teach), which include some of the following:

I am Enough: Statistics from many studies show most women struggle with feeling worthy. But the truth is this: There Is More Right with You than Wrong with You. This study looks at what God says about us and encourages women to know their worth.




The Power of One: One Act of Obedience. This message takes a look at decisions we make – some seemingly insignificant – and how one act of obedience can change our lives.   




One Thing is Needed: In the busyness of life we can become distracted with “good” things and neglect the “great” thing: time with God.  This message goes back to the New Testament story of Martha and Mary where Jesus praised Mary for choosing “first and foremost” to spend time with Him. Like Martha, we need one thing: time with Jesus.






One of the Most Difficult Lessons: Proverbs 10:19 says, “Too much talk leads to sin.” The “gift of gab” can serve you well but can also be your biggest weakness. The tongue can get you in a heap of trouble: it can destroy the closest of friends, put a wedge in your family, and hurt the church.  This message looks at the importance of our words and how we can change the course of our life by changing the words we say.




What to Do While You Wait:  Someone once said, “Between the promise and the payoff is the process.” This was true of Abraham and Sarah as they waited to have a child and it’s true of the promises God makes to us today – there’s a period of waiting. Learn how to “rest in God and wait patiently for Him”, knowing He is at work in answering your prayer.   






Influence: While you won’t find the word “influence” in Scripture, the point of influence is very clear. We are called to be “salt” and “light” of the world and to let our “light shine before men” – but not for our own attention. This message reinforces that we are all here “for such a time as this” and can make a difference for Jesus.  






Take Off the Mask. A mask is a “fake face” designed to hide the real self. There are so many ways we try to portray an image that everything is fine in our life. We hide the hurts or the bad habits. We build walls that distance us from God and people. This message challenges us to take off the mask – to first be honest with God about our pain and to seek relationships that are authentic.  

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What others are saying about Marie:

Here are what a few event sponsors and attendees said after Marie’s messages:

“Marie Humphrey shared such wonderful sermons that God laid upon her…her transparency and vulnerability spoke volumes every single moment of every session.” – Julie, Campus Pastor for Women

“Marie Humphrey is a Jesus Rock-star. She poured into the lives of our ladies at our women’s retreat.” – Anthony, Pastor

“Marie Humphrey set the stage from the very first moment of the conference and challenged us to grow deeper with our incredible God. Oh boy did God move in my heart in some pretty amazing ways…set some seeds that I will water and continue to grow.” – Tasha, Conference Attendee

“The energy shining from this incredible woman is contagious and life changing!” – Christina, New England

“We were so lucky to have her [Marie Humphrey] speak at our conference. What an amazing woman of God she is. So real and down-to-earth. She’s the type of woman everyone wants as a best friend.” – Heather, Conference Attendee

“Marie is an amazing, beautiful, special, life-changing speaker.” – Daneen, Conference Attendee

“Great lady, great message…..no words to express how important this message was for me to hear.” – Conference Attendee